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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, a.k.a. Cosmetic Acupuncture

Unlike facial products that you put on your face in the morning and wash off at night, facial rejuvenation acupuncture / cosmetic acupuncture cannot wash off.

The following is the process that I would use for you. It is very detailed:

Lifting Serum

1. Apply Lifting Serum

I usually use Natio products, Squalane or Hyaluronic acid.

Facial Cupping

2. Facial Cupping

Moving the cupping instrument over your entire face. It’s like a vacuum cleaner – lifting up ground-in facial products, pollution, dirt and bringing the blood supply up to the surface.

Gua Shua

3. Gua Sha

This “scrapes off” all the gunk that’s been lifted to the surface and improves blood supply. Then I wipe it all off.

Facial Acupuncture

4. Facial Acupuncture

The Jewel in the Crown. This is where it all began, years ago.
Insertion of incredibly fine needles into specific acupuncture points on your face. This activates muscles of the face and may help give the feeling of uplifted and toned muscles. Research shows that this stimulates your body to produce it’s own elastin and collagen. This part of the process gets to the deepest level.

Celluma Light Therapy

5. Celluma Light Therapy

Technology enters the protocol.
The red-light panel is then placed over the entire face.There are different coloured LED lights shone from this panel. Celluma is considered one of the best light therapy panels in the industry and has received many industry awards. The light therapy works at a different depth to the needles and aids to the combined effect.

Facial Sheet Mask

6. Facial Sheet Mask

I usually use an Orgaid facial mask because they’re organic. I prefer either the Vitamin C & Revitalising, or the Anti-Aging & Moisturising. For acne, I use a tea-tree mask.


7. Microcurrent

With the facial sheet mask on, I attach an Inspirstar microcurrent unit to the mask. Different “tissues” of your face, heal at different “frequencies”. This combines the benefit of the mask and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. A brilliant technology addition to the protocol.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

8. Traditional Chinese Herbs

Finally, from research, I have combined many Chinese herbs in powder form for you to drink, with the aim being to help to provide nutrition to your skin from the inside.



Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture / Cosmetic Acupuncture
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