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Carlton Chiropractor, Dr Paul Lockart

As a Last Resort, He Tried Chiropractic!

Carlton Chiropractor, Dr Paul Lockart and his family!

Carlton Chiropractor, Dr Paul Lockart and his family!

As a youngster having so-called ‘growing pains,’ Dr Lockart’s parents had taken him to various doctors, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons. As a last resort, he went to a chiropractor, to seek help for the aches and pains.

“As a teenager I thought it would be great to be a doctor so that whenever anyone got sick, I could try to fix them. It just didn’t feel right though that people had to take drugs. That same chiropractor who helped me as a child suggested that I consider becoming a chiropractor.”

Chiropractic Education

Dr Paul Lockart moved down to Melbourne in 1976 and began his chiropractic education at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. There he studied the same basic science courses as in medical school – anatomy, physiology, microbiology, x-ray analysis, diagnosis, etc. After finishing the 5 year full-time course he returned to Sydney and has practised in the St. George area for over 25 years now.

People Are Sick of Being Sick!

“It’s great to be back here where it all started.” Dr Paul says. “Now I get the opportunity to look after kids with ‘growing pains’. But that’s not all. Adults and children come to me with many different types of health problems. There’s nothing much that comes through the door these days that I haven’t seen before, including asthma, ADHD, period pains, neck and lower back pains, sciatica, poor posture….” “People are getting sick of being sick and taking drugs from the medical doctors. We offer a fantastic alternative.”

Keeping Up To Date on Chiropractic Research

“Each year I attend many seminars here in Australia and overseas. That keeps me up to date with the latest chiropractic research, and the equipment that we use here for posture correction is state-of-the-art”. I have completed courses in acupuncture, nutrition, and emotional stress over the past 33 years. This enables me to look after such a wide range of ailments. We pride ourselves on our health education talks that we give here weekly to patients and prospective patients. They learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle.”

Dr Lockart has helped many thousands of people in the Carlton area who have, like him, sought chiropractic to help them regain their health.

You can contact Dr Paul Lockart at Kogarah Chiropractic for a no-obligation consultation.

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