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Dr Patricia Chan (Chiropractor)

Dr Patricia Chan, ChiropractorDr. Patricia’s superpower as a chiropractor is her firsthand understanding of the struggles of living with constant pain and limitations. She knows all too well the frustration and stress it can bring. Dealing with her own scoliosis has fueled her passion and dedication to helping others through chiropractic care. After experiencing a miraculous transformation from chiropractic treatment during her teenage years in Hong Kong, she determined to become a chiropractor.

Patricia is dedicated to helping people of all ages become the best versions of themselves through evidence-based chiropractic care. She loves nothing more than helping kids kickstart their lives by getting their joints moving right and clearing up any nervous system issues. Being fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin from her roots in Hong Kong, she’s a valuable asset in serving a diverse local community.

Outside the Office

When she’s not at the clinic, you might catch her on the badminton court, where training can get pretty intense, but she believes in doing what she loves without holding back. She’s also a foodie at heart and always up for trying out new restaurants, so feel free to send over any recommendations for tasty eats!

很明白长期痛症对生活的影响有多大。小时候的她被发现有脊椎侧弯,一直有接受不同的治疗,但效果并不理想。直到她在香港遇到的第一位脊医,她体会到脊椎治疗带来奇迹般的转变,也希望更多人能体会到脊椎治疗的效果。所以她决定远赴澳洲,成为一名脊椎神经科医生。 她希望通过脊椎治疗帮助不用年龄层的人不受脊骨错位的影响,好好享受生活。她最希望的是看到小朋友我们在没有受到脊骨错位下,健康快乐的成长。除了英文,她还会说国语和粤语,让她可以更好的帮助更多的人。 但她不在诊所的时候,你可能会发现他在羽毛球上挥洒着汗水汗水,因为她相信能做到自己喜欢的事情并不容易(年轻的时候,因为腰疼,她并不能进行高强度的训练) 。除此之外,她还是一名吃货,所以如果你们有什么推荐的餐厅美食,非常欢迎跟她去分享。

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