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What to Expect

People are getting sick of being sick and taking prescription drugs. We offer a fantastic alternative! Dr Paul Lockart (Chiropractor) offers a variety of natural services and his years of experience to help you discover relief and maintain wellness.

We welcome you to our vibrant, active practice full of great energy. Leave your pain in the past and discover your best health. Here’s what you can expect when you first visit us.

Initial Consultation

On this visit, we will listen to what brought you in and explain what we are going to do to help you feel better and physically be better.

  • Spinal examination and scan. The spinal assessment will testing the function of several muscles to determine whether they are functioning abnormally or normally. It also helps us know what the problems are that you have.
  • X-rays. Our on-site digital X-rays will provide a detailed look at your spine.

Please prepare for this visit to last about 45 minutes.

Second Consultation

We’ll discuss what chiropractic care is along with the detailed results of your tests, including X-rays and any scans, from your first visit. We’ll explain what is going on with your health and provide your first chiropractic adjustment.

This visit usually lasts about 30 minutes. Subsequent consultations usually last less than 15 minutes.

Staying Well

We invite you to our complimentary Wednesday evening talks. During these 30-minute sessions, we’ll discuss what we do in the clinic and why we do what we do. Also, we offer ongoing education throughout your visits with us.

If you decide to change the way that you eat and it’s beneficial to you, you’ll want to do it again. It’s just the same with exercise; when things are working for you, naturally you’ll want to stick with them. And when it comes to chiropractic care, many patients enjoy how well they feel and choose to visit us to maintain their wellness.

When you’re ready to visit, contact us for a no-obligation pre-consultation!

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