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Carlton Chiropractor, Dr Laura Owen

Laura - Carlton Chiropractor

Dr Laura Owen – Carlton Chiropractor

After completing her Masters Degree at Macquarie University, Dr Laura Owen went on to achieve international accreditation and practiced as a Principle Chiropractor in Scotland, UK. Whilst there, she travelled around Europe attending numerous Chiropractic Seminars and picking up various techniques to provide her patients. Avidly interested in languages, Dr Laura is fluent in speaking Arabic and is currently taking lessons to speak Spanish.

With a strong interest in life longevity, Laura’s goal in life has always been to live as long and feel as young as possible. Commencing her career as a Personal Trainer, Laura specialized in rehabilitating and training clients with injuries, quickly becoming aware of the importance of preventing injuries through maintenance. For this reason she researched tirelessly to find the most efficient ways of keeping the human body fit, healthy and pain-free whilst under the stressful demands of a busy lifestyle.

When Laura experienced the benefits of her first Chiropractic adjustment, she fell in love, as not only did she feel an improvement in her pain, she also noticed changes in her strength, concentration and energy levels almost immediately! Laura now maintains her health by getting adjusted weekly, exercising regularly and practicing meditation.

You can contact Dr Laura Owen at Kogarah Chiropractic for a no-obligation PRE-consultation.

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