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Carlton Chiropractor, Dr Simone Bosman

Dr Simone Bosman

Dr Simone Bosman – Carlton Chiropractor

Dr Simone Bosman is an experienced Chiropractor with over 15 years of clinical experience. She uses a holistic approach when addressing pain and imbalance in the body. She understands that diet and emotions are just as important to address as the musculoskeletal system. Simone is a big advocate for correcting postural imbalance as this can affect so many body systems and in particular your energy. She uses modalities such as Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), Sacro-Cccipital technique (SOT), deep facial releases, acupuncture, kinesiology, and naturopathy.

She understands that everybody’s comforts and needs are different. She is gentle and suited to all ages and is skilled in gentle techniques like Activator. She has a very practical way of dealing with your health issue and provides a lot of support in a caring manner. She doesn’t believe a one approach fits all method.

A major focus in her treatment plan will be on your diet as this plays a major role in your gut health. Your gut has major implications on your immune system, your energy, hormone balance, disease prevention and silent inflammation, manifesting as an inability to heal.

Simone has a passion for psychology and loves to help work with her patients through their stressful life situations and events. She uses a technique called N.E.T to locate and assist in reducing the impact of emotional blockages that can cause dis-ease in your body or body functions. Come and meet Simone for yourself and you will quickly see how dedicated and passionate she is in supporting you to achieve your health goals.

You can contact Dr Simone Bosman at Kogarah Chiropractic for a no-obligation PRE-consultation.

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